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Published 6 November 2017

  A crowdfunding campaign has been launched to help protect one of the world’s oldest known theatre art forms from dying out for want of patronage and interest.  The Nepathya Centre for Koodiyattam in Kerala is being supported by sahapedia platform for Indian arts and culture, in its goa to raise Rs.20 lac


   The aim of the fund-raising is to train a new generation of artists in what constitutes the only surviving form of ancient Sanskrit theatre in the world.

   Koodiyattam, a performance art that draws on the plays of Sanskrit dramatists of antiquity, is believed to have followed an unbroken tradition for over 1,000 years in Kerala. A highly-stylized art form, Koodiyattam (Kutiyattam) evolved its unique theatre gramnmer over centuries with its own complex conventions, gestures and expressions, requiring many years of arduous training.

   Nepathya,  a school based at  Moozhikulam in Thrissur district is focused exclusively on Koodiyattam and is trying to preserve the most difficult of its traditional repertoires which need more time to master and which are not as popular as others because of their scholarly content. A non-profit institution, it was started 15 years ago to train a new generation of actors exclusively in.kuttiyattam

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