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  • Late last year movements and communities of the Bronx in the U.S. expressed their solidarity with the Bolivarian revolution.

    Late last year movements and communities of the Bronx in the U.S. expressed their solidarity with the Bolivarian revolution. | Photo: Prensa Miraflores

Published 23 December 2015

Black people in North America see the struggle in Venezuela for oppressed peoples as their own.

A range of North American Black rights organizations and individuals have signed a statement released Tuesday in solidarity with Venezuela’s revolution following the electoral defeat earlier this month.

Organizations include the African Awareness Association, the All-African People’s Revolutionary Party (GC), Baltimore Bloc, Black Lives Matter, FONAMI, the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, the Organization for Black Struggle, San Francisco Bay View Newspaper and We Are the Ones.

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Individuals who have so far signed the statement include activists, university professors, cultural workers, and organization leaders.

“Black people in North America understand that the triumphs of oppressed people anywhere in the world are triumphs for Black people everywhere,” the statement reads, expressing disappointment at the “counter-revolutionary” win of Venezuela’s assembly.

The 20th election in 17 years was only the second won by the right wing, and was a “significant blow to the progressive and most impoverished sectors of Venezuela—working-class, Afrodescendant and indigenous people—and to global allies.”

In the statement, organizations argue that the Bolivarian revolution has defended the rights of Afro-descendents and other oppressed people. “Thousands of people who once worked cacao plantations as enslaved Africans, then sharecroppers, now run those fields as cooperatives,” the statement reads.

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“We smile with the young girl in the Venezuelan countryside, as she leaves a Mission Barrio Adentro clinic, her asthma symptoms treated without cost by a Cuban doctor. Her health is our own. We stand with the single young mother, as she takes leadership of her community council with unwavering commitment to her barrio’s collective well-being, building their own urban gardens. Her voice is our own. We enter the house of a family who has benefited from Venezuela’s housing mission which has built nearly 1 million homes across the country. Their dignity is our own. We stand with the Venezuelan people as they build a revolutionary and popular democracy based on communal power. Their struggle is our own,” the statement read.

Organizations concluded by rejecting any U.S. interference or intervention in Venezuela, “We reject any action the U.S. puts forward to plunder Venezuelan natural resources, occupy the country and incite violence” and expressing appreciation for solidarity received, “We recognize how the Bolivarian government offered aid to the people of New Orleans after Katrina and free and low-cost heating oil to communities like the Bronx, New York.”

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