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Biden Team Seeks Dialogue with Venezuelan Government

  • President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, addresses a press conference in Caracas, Venezuela, 08 December 2020.

    President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, addresses a press conference in Caracas, Venezuela, 08 December 2020. | Photo: EFE/EPA

Published 18 December 2020

Several sources say the incoming U.S. administration is planning to establish talks with Venezuela.

The team of U.S. President-elect Joe Biden "is preparing to hold negotiations with the the Venezuelan government of President Nicolas Maduro, according to U.S. outlet Bloomberg, citing several sources familiar with the subject under the condition of anonymity.


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The report adds that Biden's advisors will be ready to negotiate with Caracas without making the start of negotiations conditional on President Maduro's resignation. Bloomberg affirms that the next U.S. government intends to promote "free and fair elections" in the South American country in exchange for the lifting of sanctions.

The report claims that Biden's advisors will evaluate the existing sanctions against the Bolivarian country, imposed by the Administration of Donald Trump, in order to determine the necessary measures that should be applied, and also what sanctions could be lifted in the event that President Maduro accepted Washington's demands.

Meanwhile, the Bolivarian President reiterated to Biden on December 8 his willingness to establish the basis for dialogue and understanding between the two nations. Before knowing the final result of the U.S. elections, President Maduro had said that his country "will continue to be a rebel in struggle, battle and permanent victory" whether Biden wins the elections or not, recalling that in the last few years all the Presidents elected in the U.S. have attacked Venezuela in an illegal and criminal manner.

During the presidency of Donald Trump, the relations between the U.S. and Venezuela reached levels of tension in view of the intensification of the illegal unilateral coercive measures imposed by Washington towards the Bolivarian nation, but these have failed thanks to Venezuelan people themselves and with the help of Venezuela's allies.

The Caribbean nation broke off relations with the U.S. after the White House expressed its support for the self-proclamation of the Venezuelan coup leader Juan Guaidó in January 2019.

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