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Belarus: “No Plans To Fight in Ukraine”

  • Belarusian President said that his country will not fight in Ukraine. Mar. 25, 2022.

    Belarusian President said that his country will not fight in Ukraine. Mar. 25, 2022. | Photo: Twitter/@Trump_ton

Published 25 March 2022

Belarus' President said that his country would fight against Ukraine, only in case of direct aggression against the nation.

On Friday, Alexander Lukashenko, Belarusian President, during a meeting with mass media, said that the county's authorities have no "plans to fight in Ukraine," urging for a calm response about misinformation on the matter.

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"I have said a thousand and twenty times that we have no plans to fight in Ukraine. But the issue is hot. The Belarusians do not tolerate war on a genetic level. That is why it has begun to be exploited. We should respond in a beautiful way," said Lukashenko, according to the BelTA news agency.

"It used to be sensible in the Soviet times to talk not only about propaganda but also about counter-propaganda. So we need to respond calmly, but not to make excuses," the Belarusian President added.

Lukashenko criticized the opposition, which flew to the West, manipulating psychologically the pòpulation by saying that the Belarusian military would participate in combat operations in Ukraine. He added that some opposition activists were volunteers to fight in the neighboring country. "So who, in fact, is fighting in Ukraine now?" Lukashenko asked rhetorically.

Referring to the allegations about Belarus' troops joining hostilities in Ukraine, the President considers that they made on purpose. "Thus, public opinion is being readied in order to drag us into it," he added.

"We can be dragged into the war one way: in case aggression is launched against us, in case they go to war against us. That is why I keep my eyes open," he concluded.

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