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Belarus Links Ukrainian Intelligence To Attack On Russian Plane

  • A view of the Russian plane attacked, Minsk, Belarus, February 2023.

    A view of the Russian plane attacked, Minsk, Belarus, February 2023. | Photo: Twitter/ @ChuckPfarrer

Published 7 March 2023

Shvetsov, the main perpetrator of this attack, confessed to having worked for the  Ukrainian Security Service in Kyiv. 

On Tuesday, the Belarusian State Security Committee (KGB) linked agents from the Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) to sabotage against a Russian aircraft in the Machulishchi airport in Belarus in late February.


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"The KGB counterintelligence investigations established the SBU's direct involvement in the preparations and execution of that terrorist attack," the KGB spokesperson Konstantin Bichek stated.

The SBU recruited Ukrainian citizens and used the name of several civil organizations to cover its operations. The attack, however, did not damage the aircraft so much.

"We studied the SBU agents' tactics, which included the use of explosive substances,” Bichek added, welcoming that the KGB currently works so that the SBU agents involved do not flee.

Hours earlier, Belarusian President Alexandr Lukashenko announced that his country’s security forces arrested about 20 people involved in the sabotage. "The rest of the culprits hide abroad," he warned.

On Tuesday, the BELTA Belarusian national news agency published a video of an interview with Russian-Ukrainian Nikolai Shvetsov, the main perpetrator of the attack, who confessed to having worked for the SBU in Kyiv. 

Bichek stressed that the KGB investigation also showed that Polish intelligence recruited Belarusians who oppose the Lukashenko administration to collaborate in the sabotage.

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