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  • Mia Mottley is sworn in as the newly elected Prime Minister of Barbados.

    Mia Mottley is sworn in as the newly elected Prime Minister of Barbados. | Photo: Flickr: Barbados Government Information Service

Published 30 May 2018

Newly elected Prime Minister also announced all ministers would declare the value of their assets.

Barbados' recently elected Prime Minister, Mia Mottley, has called on members of her Cabinet to donate 10 percent of their salaries to various civil society and non-governmental organizations due to the country's dire economic situation.

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“One of the first items of my Cabinet’s meeting – and we will have two this week, the first one on Tuesday – will be to ask this BLP (Barbados Labour Party) Team 2018 to continue to share in the sacrifices being made by our public servants and other sectors of this society," Mottley.

Speaking during the swearing-in ceremony for parliament and cabinet members, Mottley added: “For the last year, as a matter of principle, these men and women joined with me, as BLP Parliamentary representatives, and declined to accept the 10 percent pay which the previous government took back by legislation. We took a decision to have our backpay and our continuous 10 percent monthly pay go to charitable organisations, such as the Salvation Army, Diabetes Foundation of Barbados, and a number of other entities on one simple principle, that we will not accept it until the public servants of Barbados, issues relating to terms and conditions, are appropriately resolved in this country.”

Mottley also stated that she was expanding the size of her Cabinet to help deal with the dire state of the economy, according to Caribbean 360. She also announced plans to establish an Integrity Commission, declaring “all ministers will submit a declaration of their assets, in a document to be held under sealed envelope and in confidence by the Cabinet Secretary, until the establishment of the Integrity Commission.”

Salary docks were part of the previous administration's deficit reduction plan. However, parliament refused former Prime Minister's Freundel Stuart's proposal due to public servants' demands for increased salaries, according to the Barbados Advocate.

Colin Jordan, the newly elected Minister of Labour, vowed that the new government would live up to its promise to expand the Social Partnership program.

“There are ongoing matters that the Ministry of Labour and the Social Partnership will look after. The one I can tell you about right now is from our campaign manifesto, which seeks to include and expand the Social Partnership to include religious and non-governmental organizations.

“At this point it is tripartite – we have Government, unions and the representatives of business – but one of our early areas of focus in terms of transforming Barbados is to include some others in the dialogue.”

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