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Ayotzinapa Student Shot by Mexican Police During Protests

  • According to students a police car hit the bus that drove them to the protest.

    According to students a police car hit the bus that drove them to the protest. | Photo: @ppereztelesur

Published 10 November 2017

Oaxaca police clashed with Ayotzinapa Teachers' College students during a protest, shooting into a bus.

A student from a Teachers' College in Ayotzinapa was shot by Mexican police as they tried to clear a protest that has lasted three days, according to witnesses.

Students, Teachers in Mexico City Protest Lack of Schools

The student belongs to the Ayotzinapa Rural Teachers' College Raul Isidro Burgos in Guerrero, the same school that three years ago saw the disappearance of 43 students in one of the countries most recent human rights violations case.

He was shot in the leg by the Oaxaca State Police during a roadblock protests, according to other protesters.

The students were also joined by teachers of the National Coordination of Education Workers to demand that the government rebuild schools and universities affected by the earthquake on Sept. 19.

According to students, a police patrol hit the bus in which they were traveling and an official shot multiple times at the vehicle.

"They again attack students of Ayotzinapa, Tamazulapam and Hecelchakan in the vicinity of Nochixtlan. A student from Ayotzinapa is reported injured by firearm. State police participated in the repressive action. Students are organizing."

"The student shot by Oaxaca state police is in this condition. We demand immediate attention and freedom for the injured. Against state terrorism applied to students of the FECSM."

One bullet hit the student's leg and he was transferred to a community hospital in Nochixtlan, handcuffed along with other students.

Families of Missing Mexican Students March for Justice

Contradicting witnesses, the Ministry of Public Security said the wounded, presumably a student, was allegedly linked to a group of violent hooded men who stole a police car that was carrying 600 liters of gasoline and tried to disarm a policewoman.

Last week, Oaxaca police clashed with the students from the same school and fired at the wheels of a vehicle transporting them to prevent them from demonstrating.

Some 37 months ago, 43 students in Ayotzinapa were attacked by police and forcibly disappeared in Iguala, according to human rights groups. The country has seen large protests by their relatives to demand justice and a tougher investigation.

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