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Published 11 January 2016

In a series of tweets, Victor Hugo Morales said right-wing political and economic actors are seeking to silence his critical views.

Argentine Journalist Victor Hugo Morales, who hosts programs on a number of private and public outlets including teleSUR, took to Twitter Monday morning to denounce that his program on Radio Continental had been canceled, allegedly at the request of right-wing political and economic actors.

“As of today I no longer have a show, this is what the political right wing needs to silence voices”

“They want to discipline journalism, going after those who bother them too much”

Morales was fired shortly before going on air. He was given a short amount of air time to bid goodbye to his listeners, which he used as an opportunity to heavily criticize the new right-wing government of Mauricio Macri.

VIDEO: Radio Continental heads removing Victor Hugo from the production office while he was preparing his show

“Mauricio Macri, the mask of the Clarin Group and (Clarin CEO) Magnetto, is in charge of the country,” said Morales on air, referring to the Argentine media giant Clarin.

“This is how things are now, if you don't fall in line with the companies, who tow the line of the government, you cannot continue.”

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​A hashtag related to the alleged censorship quickly became a trending topic in Argentina, with many users expressing solidarity with Morales.

“(Morales) is one of the most intelligent, critical, and brave voices in the country, we are with you”

Many users were quick to also blame Argentine President Mauricio Macri, who has taken many steps to reverse the policies of the previous government that sought to reduce the powers of private media corporations inside the country.

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​Macri infamously gutted the country's Media Law by decree, effectively stripping the law of its regulatory power without consulting the country's parliament.

“In one month we've gone from having a media law to the persecution and censorship of journalists”

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