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  • Argentina's President Mauricio Macri smiles at the Summit of Heads of State of Mercosur.

    Argentina's President Mauricio Macri smiles at the Summit of Heads of State of Mercosur. | Photo: Reuters

Published 22 December 2015

Argentine grassroots movements released a document rejecting Mauricio Macri’s interventionist statements on Venezuela.

Civil society and political organizations in Argentina have strongly condemned the interventionist statements of Mauricio Macri, the newly elected right-wing president, who demanded the release of so-called “political prisoners” in Venezuela during the Summit of the Southern Common Market or Mercosur Monday.

In a press conference in Buenos Aires, the groups released a common statement in support of the government of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and the Bolivarian Revolution.

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The text from the social movements urges Mercosur to continue as a South American alliance that promotes the integration of the countries in the region. It strongly opposes the bloc becoming a mechanism for neoliberalism used by global powers and elites to take advantage of the continent's wealth and natural resources.

The document also supports the "strong response” Venezuelan Foreign Minister Delcy Rodriguez gave to Macri during the aforementioned summit. "You are meddling in matters of Venezuela ... You are defending political violence," Venezuela’s top diplomat said.


Such a hard-hitting statement! bit.ly/1UXY5qR

Posted by teleSUR English on lunes, 21 de diciembre de 2015

In an interview with teleSUR, a member of the Argentine grassroots movement “Popular Front Darío Santillán” said the social movements condemn Macri’s actions in every sense.

"From Argentina, from grassroots movements, we have been denouncing the political, economic, cultural stepback experienced under Mauricio Macri’s government. In just 12 days he devalued nearly 50 percent of our currency, with economic transfers to the most powerful men in the country,” Carina Lopez said.

“Macri is part of the most radical right wing in Latin America, which supports the violence of those who seek to destabilize Venezuela and wants to move forward with neoliberal mechanisms like the European Union Free Trade Agreement and the Pacific Alliance.”

Tens of thousands of protesters have rallied in Argentina against Mauricio Macri in past days, a mere two weeks after the conservative politician took office as Argentina’s new president.

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