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Argentine Football Association Prints Manual for Seducing Russian Women

  • AFA's Manual

    AFA's Manual "Russian Language and Culture." | Photo: Twitter / @AleRoversi

Published 16 May 2018

The manual included tips on how to “have a chance” with a Russian girl.

Controversy ensued after the Argentine Football Association (AFA) handed manuals on “Russian Language and Culture” Tuesday, that included a two-page section on what to do to “have a chance” with a Russian woman. The manuals were given to journalists who will cover the World Cup between June 14 and July 15.


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On Tuesday Argentine sport journalists went to an event organized by the AFA to learn some basic Russian words and aspects of their culture ahead of the World Cup. What could’ve been a nourishing event became a huge controversy after journalists posted the “flirting” section on Twitter.

Some critics said the two pages on how to flirt with Russian women made the misogynist assumption that only straight men were going to cover the World Cup, as if they were no women or gay men who are also sports journalists.

Many social media users lamented the publication. “AFA’s manual for ‘being with girls’ in Russia is the most pathetic thing in years. We already lost. And by a landslide,” one Twitter use wrote.

Another mocked the AFA saying "AFA's seduction manual gets to the core of eroticism starting with simple 'bathe.' For the signing of this literary jewel I would even make the effort to go to the book fair."

Attempts to fix the manuals by ripping the two pages only added to the attendees' annoyance. Once the manuals were distributed and AFA started receiving criticism, they decided to collect them saying they would be returned after the class was over.

One sports journalist said they needed the manual to keep up with the Russian class, but the organizers refused to give them back until after editing them.

A day after the scandal AFA has yet to provide a public statements or apology for phrases like: “the tip is to treat the woman before you as someone who has value,” or Russian women “are people who want to feel important and unique.”  

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