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Argentina’s Milagro Sala Expresses Solidarity With Missing Activist, Denounces her House Arrest Conditions

  • Milagro Sala is an Indigenous leader and social activist

    Milagro Sala is an Indigenous leader and social activist | Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Published 9 September 2017

The Indigenous leader, currently under house arrest, has accused the guards at her house of harrassment.

The Argentine Indigenous leader, Milagro Sala, has again expressed her solidarity with the family of missing Argentine activist Santiago Maldonado and demanded he be returned alive.

Just last week, she had recorded a video in support of the search for the 28-year-old campaigner.

Argentina's Milagro Sala Calls for Help In Search for Missing Activist

"I ask: where is Santiago Maldonado?” Sala probes in the film which has gone viral.

Maldonado was last seen on August 1 at an Indigenous Mapuche protest in the southern province of Chubut which was suppressed by the police. His family believes he was abducted by force.

Sala also spoke about the conditions of her own house arrest, denouncing the Argentine military police, claiming they "steal electricity” from her to maintain their surveillance of her whereabouts.

"Indigenous leader @SalaMilagro sends a message and joins the cry of all of Argentina #WhereisSantiago (via @NotiPortal)"

Sala was arrested on January 16, 2016, after being accused of "inciting criminal acts" linked to a protest she led against authorities, but was moved from prison to house arrest last month.

"Even those who committed genocide don't have so much security, they do not have military police at the door of the house, they do not have as many cameras as I have," the Indigenous leader stated in reference to the conditions of the house in the El Carmen neighborhood where she is being held.

11 cameras and two guards are stationed at every corner.

Sala said that in addition to wearing an electronic bracelet that monitors her at all times, the guards also “continuously harass” her.

In reference to the judge who sentenced her, Judge Pablo Pullen, she said she would ask if his problem with her is "a matter of skin.”

Argentina's Milagro Sala Says Rights Violated by Extreme Security Measures

“There are very few joys … they have isolated me from everything, they are turning me into a mental wreck. This is torture, little by little they are advancing," she stated.

"I blame Macri and Patricia Bullrich, because they do not respect the resolutions of the international organizations," she added, referring to the Argentine president, Michel Macri as well as the country’s Minister of Security.

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