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  • The Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro addressed the nation on state television on the eve of the vote.

    The Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro addressed the nation on state television on the eve of the vote. | Photo: Prensa Presidencial

Published 29 July 2017

Venezuelan President says proposals have been submitted to ask the opposition MUD coaltion to return to politics.

President Nicolas Maduro has stressed the importance of Venezuela's vote for the National Constituent Assembly on Sunday.

Maduro said "This is the most important election in the Venezuelan political system because we are electing the sovereign constituent body, the body that is above all others, the maximum political authority."

In a broadcast on state television, Maduro referred to the violent events promoted by sections of the opposition which have tried to stop the constitutional process.

"They believed that in this way they were going to intimidate the people of Venezuela, but they were wrong, because there has not been a more joyous electoral campaign" he said.

Maduro added that only through justice will there be peace and only through peace will there be reconciliation in the country.

The president reiterated his government's offer to continue talks and said this is the way to resolve the differences, "We have to look for the national dialogue".

He said six weeks of private discussions have been held with a delegation from the self-appointed opposition Democratic Unity Table, MUD.

Maduro said proposals have been submitted to ask them to return to politics, and they have said they want to "..register in gubernatorial elections."

Registration for the polls is due to open one week week after the Constituent Assembly vote.

Regarding a statement issued by the former Spanish President José Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, the Venezuelan head of state said he was not consulted with his government.

Zapatero, a member of the Spanish Socialist Workers' Party, has called for peace ahead of the vote.

He has taken part in talks between Venezuelan government officials and members of the right-wing opposition to seek a solution.

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