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Argentina to Ensure Malvinas Rights Through State Policy

  • President Fernàndez on Casa Rosada on June 10.

    President Fernàndez on Casa Rosada on June 10. | Photo: Twitter/@CasaRosada

Published 10 June 2020

The bills aims to strenghten the sovereignty of the country.

On Wednesday president Alberto Fernández announced that his government is sending three law projects to Congress to reaffirm and to enshrine state policy status to the country`s historical fight over the Malvinas, South Georgias, and South Sandwich islands.


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On the Day of Reaffirmation of the Rights of the Malvinas Islands, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Felipe Solà presented the bills aimed to strengthen the sovereignty of the country.

"Such actions should be oriented to the medium and long term so that it can last beyond changes of government and better serve the permanent interests of the country, within the framework of the plurality and richness that characterize our democracy" Solà said.

The bills are designed for the creation of a national council for matters related to Malvinas Islands; the demarcation of the outer limits of Argentina`s continental shelf beyond 200 miles, and reforms to the fishing federal regime.

"The President will send three law projects to give state policy status to Argentinians claim over Malvinas"

Solà also recalled that currently, the unjustified British military presence in the South Atlantic as well as the illegitimate activities of exploration and exploitation of natural resources, are opposed to United Nations resolution 31/49, which urges the parties to refrain from introducing unilateral modifications while the sovereignty dispute is pending.

The June 10 date marks the 191st anniversary of the creation of the Political and Military Command of the Malvinas Islands and those adjacent to Cape Horn by the Government of the Province of Buenos Aires.

In 1883 the territories in the South Atlantic Ocean on the Patagonian shelf were usurped from Argentina by the British, which has led to a confrontation over the legitimate right of the lands ever since. 


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