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Argentina: Young Missing Person Died of Suffocation

  • Image of Facundo Astudillo, Argentina.

    Image of Facundo Astudillo, Argentina. | Photo: Twitter/ @idnoticias_

Published 1 October 2020

Facundo Astudillo disappeared on April 30 after being stopped by the police because he was violating the COVID-19 quarantine.

Argentina’s Forensic Anthropology Team (EAAF) Thursday revealed that Facundo Astudillo, the young man whose disappearance is attributed to the Buenos Aires police, was drowned.


Argentina: Judge Confirms the Death of Facundo Astudillo

The results of the biological study carried out determined the presence of a significantly high number of microscopic algae remains, which match with those collected in the environmental water and sediment samples taken where the body was found.

The EAAF pointed out that these results allow us to affirm with scientific rigor that his death was produced by asphyxiation.

The autopsy document shows that there are elements to assume that the cadaver always remained in the same environment in which it was found.

Astudillo's family lawyer Leandro Aparicio said that the young man's killers had already been identified, but he did not reveal who they were.

"We were told that there is a preliminary report… If the EAAF study does not take into account footprints, shoes, or patrol car, then it will be just a partial report,” the lawyer stressed.

Facundo disappeared on April 30 and his dead body was found on August 16. The last information before his disappearance is that he was stopped by the police at Mayor Buratovich Town because he was violating the COVID-19 quarantine. According to the officers, however, he was released shortly after his arrest.

International and national human rights organizations ruled on this case after finding several inconsistencies in the explanations provided by the local police..

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