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    Argentina's President Mauricio Macri speaks during the Business Forum at the 11th World Trade Organization's ministerial conference in Buenos Aires, Argentina December 12, 2017. | Photo: Reuters

Published 13 December 2017

“Without Land, Roof and Work, Reforms are Against the People."

On Wednesday Mauricio Macri's Party, Cambiemos got a green light in the Budget and Social Prevision Committee of the Chamber of Deputies to slash between US$ 4.3 and 5.78 billion from pensions, people with disabilities, and the Universal Assignment per Child Program to cover deficits in the central government. One of the legislators, Sergio Palazzo said the reform "was a resource reallocation from the most vulnerable sectors to the powerful businessmen who stop paying taxes."

Workers and Campesinos Join to Protest Rights in Buenos Aires

 The General Confederation of Labor has convened a meeting to decide whether they will organize a demonstration or a 6 to 12-hour general strike in response to the reforms. Meanwhile, the teachers' unions of the Argentine Workers' Central Union have announced a strike and demonstrations for Thursday at the same time that the legislature would convene for a vote on the reform. Other social organizations have already taken to the streets of Buenos Aires under the banner, “Without Land, Roof and Work, Reforms are Against the People." Daniel Arroyo, of the 1País coalition, said: "retirees and people who benefit from the Universal Assignment Program lose money because the calculations make the increases less."   

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