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Argentina: Pro-Legal Abortion Demonstration Amidst Covid-19

  • Abortion rights activists demands legal abortion in Argentina

    Abortion rights activists demands legal abortion in Argentina | Photo: Twitter/@CampAbortoLegal

Published 27 May 2020

National Campaign for the Right to Legal, Safe and Free Abortion turns 15 fighting for women's rights in Argentina.

Moved by the search for guaranteed rights to lead independent and full lives, the National Campaign for the Right to Legal, Safe and Free Abortion activists called for a virtual demonstration demanding the approval of the " Voluntary Interruption of Pregnancy Bill" in Argentina, as announced on Wednesday.


Argentina: Legalization of Abortion Bill in Hands of Congress

The Campaign stated its intention to develop conferences, gatherings, and artistic performances in their social networks profiles. "We want to make visible the transversal political consensus and historical construction that made the massive social support for a federal, intergenerational, and multidisciplinary campaign possible," wrote.

"We rebel against policies that seek to control our bodies, govern our biographies and biologize the exercise of our identities," they tweeted. "We march, we gather, we recover the history of feminism, and we embrace each other in the persistence of the struggle. We proudly raise our green scarves that symbolize life as a horizon of autonomy, fulfillment, and dignity." 

Belong to the @LegalAbortionCamp is a personal, ethical, and political commitment. It is in itself a project of life in freedom, which embraces the autonomy of all. 

This Argentinean organization and personalities alliance, which articulates collective actions towards the legalization of abortion in that nation, turns fifteen years in 2020.
"It's been 15 years of campaigning in the streets and in Congress, building networks in different territories, for a bill that addresses the realities and rights of people who are criminalized and put their lives and health at risk when they decide to have an abortion," they stated.

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