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Argentina: Obama Plays Golf with Macri, Stays Silent on Sala, Maldonado

  • Macri and Obama enjoy their golf game while Argentines face serious problems.

    Macri and Obama enjoy their golf game while Argentines face serious problems. | Photo: Presidency of Argentina

Published 7 October 2017

Critics say this event mirrors the 1990s crisis in Argentina when President Carlos Menem played golf with President George H. W. Bush.

Former U.S. President Barack Obama, in his second visit to the nation, has met with Argentine President Mauricio Macri to play golf in a club owned by Macri's brother.

66,000 Jobs Lost in Industrial Sector Since Mauricio Macri Took Office

Obama arrived in a private plane on Friday and delivered a speech at the Green Economy Summit 2017 summit in the city of Cordoba, where he congratulated "the effort" of Macri in the country.

A large security operation of over 200 security officials awaited his arrival, as well as Cordoba's Governor Juan Schiaretti and a small group of businessmen.

Some made comparisons with former President Carlos Menem, a strong conservative during Argentina's worst crises in history during the 1990s, who played golf with former U.S. President George H. W. Bush when he visited Argentina.

Social organizations criticized Macri, who has called for increasing the external debt; authorizing the United States to carry out military exercises in Patagonia; and for harsh labor and educational reforms as part of his right-wing program.

They also criticized Obama who came to play golf but hasn't said anything about the disappearance of activist Santiago Maldonado or the imprisonment of Indigenous leader Milagro Sala.

The two are expected to discuss "informally and privately" the link between both countries and the challenge ahead now that Argentina will hold the presidency of the G20, according to the government.

Macri said Obama owed him a golf match, since the last time he was in the South American nation about a year and a half later ago. Macri also played with Donald Trump before he was elected president.

Oh, I don't know! It was more glamorous when Menem played golf with George "Human Rights" Bush.

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