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Argentina: New March Rejects US-Backed Offensive on Venezuela

  • Demonstrators holds a banner that reads 'Yankees out of Latin America' outside the U.S embassy in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Feb. 18, 2019.

    Demonstrators holds a banner that reads 'Yankees out of Latin America' outside the U.S embassy in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Feb. 18, 2019. | Photo: Reuters

Published 27 February 2019

Argentine historical left-wing organizations called a protest against any form of interference in Venezuela.

The Left Front (FIT), the Movement to Socialism (MAS), and the Socialist Movement of Workers (MST) Wednesday called on citizens to march to the U.S. embassy in Buenos Aires, Argentina, to repudiate President Donald Trump’s attempt to intervene militarily in Venezuela.

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The demonstration by Argentine social and political organizations, expected to begin at 5:30 p.m. at Plaza Italia in the Palermo neighborhood, will go through the main avenues of Buenos Aires and stop at the U.S. diplomatic headquarters.

"The imperialist intervention tries to justify itself in the name of democracy and human rights. But those who command it have been historically promoters of coups d’etats aimed at subjugating peoples,” a FIT-MAS-MST statement said, adding that "we repudiate President Mauricio Macri’s recognition of the self-proclaimed Guaido and his representative in Argentina. We demand Argentina to withdraw from the Lima Group."

This expression of solidarity with the Venezuelan people occurs at a time when Argentina is convulsed by President Macri’s neoliberal policies. On Feb 26, the Buenos Aires streets were again scenes of civic demonstrations against the elimination of subsidies for public services, the increase in unemployment, and the decrease in purchasing power.

Regarding the current situation in the Boliviarian country, Argentine socialist organizations have also warned of the non-military efforts to undermine the everday lives of Venezuelans through internationally-based sanctions and disingenous appeals to mediation.

"We also highlight the interventionism of those with the same goals as [U.S. President Trump] through an alleged ‘mediation’ or ‘dialogue’, which seeks to support economic and political extortion on Venezuela ... [it is] the fake ‘mediation" imposed by the European Union," the Argentine left-wing political organizations said and added that "We call for mobilization in Argentina and across the continent in opposition to any type of imperialist interference. We fight for a workers’ political exit for Venezuela and for the Latin America’s socialist unity."

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