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Argentina Launches Public Works With a Gender Perspective

  • President Albert Fernández presents the plan on Monday.

    President Albert Fernández presents the plan on Monday. | Photo: Twitter/@alferdez

Published 10 August 2020

The announcement encourages the participation of women in the construction sector as it is a predominantly male industry. 

Argentine President Alberto Fernández announced on Monday new policies addressed to public works with a gender perspective, including labor rights equality and the financing of projects that focus on the rights of women, girls, boys, and adolescents.


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"We want a society with more respect for diversity, more care for women, and more equality for all," said Fernández during an online press conference. "The more possibilities we give in diversity, and the more we narrow the difference between men and women, the better our society," the president added.

The governmental plan will promote the construction of the first two Territorial Centers for Gender and Diversity Policies in the municipality of Quilmes, Buenos Aires, and Santa Rosa city in La Pampa province. The investments amount to 90 million pesos ($1.23 million).

"We want a society with more respect for diversity and more equality for all. That is why it is so important to include women in the development of public works, as we announced today. Every time we match, we are improving."

Furthermore, the government will carry out construction works. It will provide equipment for the  Integral Centers for Women in the Río Grande, in Tierra del Fuego province as well as the localities of Trelew and San Martín de Los Andes.

In this sense, today's announcement encourages the participation of women in the construction sector as it is a predominantly male industry. The initiative takes place within the framework of the Hace Plan, by which the Argentinian government aspires to create 20.000 new jobs in all provinces.      

In March 2020, Fernández had announced that his government was working on a project to tackle gender inequality across the nation. In that occasion, the Argentinian president pointed out that "a 70 percent of the minimum pensions are charged by women" which have "more difficulties at work" so looking forward, his government planned that "at least the minimum pension is charged equally by women and men, which is needed to end that inequality."

Tackling gender inequality is a priority for Alberto Fernández's government. During its first 100 days of the mandate, the president created  the Ministry of Women, Gender, and Diversity, with
the aim of designing and conducting research and studies on gender, equality, and diversity for policymaking and actions.

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