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  • Facundo Astudillo Castro, Argentina.

    Facundo Astudillo Castro, Argentina. | Photo: Twitter/ @CarlaCarrizoAR

Published 2 September 2020

The police initially said that the young man was released after being detained for brief moments.

Argentina's Federal Judge Mara Marron Tuesday confirmed that the human remains found in a water canal of Villarino Viejo, in Buenos Aires, belong to Facundo Astudillo.


Argentina Demands Appearance of Young Facundo Castro

She pointed out that the identity of the body found on August 15 was confirmed after the Argentine Forensic Anthropology Team (EAAF) carried out a DNA comparison between Astudillo's remains and his mother’s blood.

Details about possible causes of death, however, were not disclosed by the judge. The body was in an advanced state of decomposition and lacked arms and part of his teeth. It was found by three fishermen two kilometers from a disused railroad track.

The Federal Police informed that the area where the body was found was not previously searched because access to such a zone is difficult.

The meme reads, "4 months knowing Facundo, 4 months hugging his mother. 'I will resist, for Facundo and every boy, in the demand for justice. They will not stop me. I hope I can take my son home to rest,' Cristina Castro, the mother of Facundo Astudillo Castro."

"There are two people who saw him lying on the road. He was dead or unconscious," lawyer Leandro Aparicio said, adding that "I have information he was disappeared by the provincial police."

Both national and international human rights organizations ruled on this case after finding several inconsistencies in the explanations provided by the local police.

As initially stated, Facundo Astudillo was stopped at Mayor Buratovich Town because he was violating the COVID-19 quarantine. Subsequently, however, he would have been released, according to officials.

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