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Argentina: Indigenous Peoples Protest in Front of Supreme Court

  • Indigenous peoples protest outside the Supreme Court in Jujuy, Argentina, Aug. 9, 2023.

    Indigenous peoples protest outside the Supreme Court in Jujuy, Argentina, Aug. 9, 2023. | Photo: Twitter/ @canalabiertoar

Published 9 August 2023

They demand that the judges rule against the reform of the Jujuy Constitution carried out by Governor Morales.

On Tuesday, three Indigenous citizens who are part of the Great March for Peace (Malon) chained themselves on the steps of the Supreme Justice Court in Buenos Aires.


Indigenous March Arrives in Buenos Aires in Defense of Land

“They are going to resist there. They have the right to be received by the Court”, warned the Nobel Peace Prize winner, Adolfo Perez Esquivel, who interceded on behalf of the original peoples but only managed to be attended by some Court officials.

For a week now, the Indigenous peoples have been holding a sit-in in front of the Supreme Court building, to which the Judges have not attended in person since 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic began.

The protesters demand that the judges listen to them and rule against the express reform of the Jujuy Constitution carried out by Governor Gerardo Morales, a far-right politician who seeks to promote large-scale mining projects without consulting the Indigenous peoples.

The tweet reads, "The Third Great March for Peace heads towards San Cayetano. After the historic mobilization from Jujuy to Buenos Aires, the Indigenous peoples join the annual pilgrimage that social movements make to the sanctuary of San Cayetano, in Liniers."

The Great March also demands that the Argentine Congress approve the Indigenous Community Property Law and intervene in Jujuy to avoid abuses against the population.

The Jujuy citizens' peaceful protest has tried to be silenced by the authorities of the city of Buenos Aires, where the conservative Mayor Horacio Rodriguez Larreta prevented the Indigenous peoples from setting up tents to shelter from the cold and rain.

Given the lack of response from the judges, and after attempts by the Police to evict them, the Indigenous protesters chose to chain themselves to the steps of the building, outlet Pagina 12 explained.

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