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Argentina: Homelessness Rising to 10 % by the End of the Year

  • Workers mobilizing against Macri in Argentina

    Workers mobilizing against Macri in Argentina | Photo: @PrensaCTABsAs

Published 10 September 2019

Poverty and abandonment in the Southern American country will have doubled the numbers of 2017, Macri´s second year as president.

The recent economic report by National Statistics and Census of the Republic of Argentina (Indec) shows that 5 million citizens, 10 percent of the population of that country, are living in the streets, and to top it off the price of foodstuffs is estimated to rise by an astronomical 80 percent.

Argentinian Opposition Presents 'Food Emergency' Bill

In relation to previous years, the numbers indicate a jump from 4.8 percent in 2017 to 6.7 the following year, and now it could surpass a tenth of the country´s population, among which are children who, according to a report of National University of Avellaneda (UNDAV), won´t have access to a basic nutrition.

This takes place amidst a severe economic crisis that has been aggravated by Macri´s government measures, which include massive firings, budget cuts,  tax increases in basic services and repeated loans with the IMF.

children hunger argentina
Poverty and malnutrition affect Argentina as a lash-out effect of the economical measures taken the past three years/Photo: Hispantv

The economic situation is dire enough that it thwarted the intentions of the current president of winning the Primary Simultaneous and Mandatory elections (PASO), having lost to Alberto Fernández, candidate for the rival party Frente de Todos.

Pressures have increased even more with the Catholic Church of Argentina, which pushed Macri last month to declare a state of emergency due to the rapid increase of poor living conditions and food scarcity in a considerable portion of the population.

Macri faces the opposite party Frente de Todos with many promises failed and severe damage to the economy/Photo: sputniknews

The numbers, one of Macri´s main promise in the political campaign, don´t show any signs of relief even in the financial sector, with the agonizing value of the bonds and pesos. 

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