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Argentina: Growing Pressure Ahead of G-20 Summit

  • Argentina Growing Pressure Ahead of G-20 Summit.

    Argentina Growing Pressure Ahead of G-20 Summit. | Photo: Reuters file

Published 25 November 2018

Less than one week before G-20 summit is held in Argentina, police attacks kills several and leave many wounded.

A week before world leaders meet in Argentina for the G-20 summit, the State conducted a series of repressive acts on protesters, which caused several deaths and injuries.

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“It was reported that eight people who had been killed while previously detained in a police station in Estaban Echeverría, Buenos Aires province, were locked up by police when a fire broke out, in a premeditated action” according to La Jornada, a news agency.

Additionally, Buenos Aires police stomped protestors at an occupation in the locality of Jose Juarez Leon, leaving many wounded due to rubber bullet injuries.

Furthermore, on Jan. 22, Rodolfo Orellana, who belonged to the Confederation of Popular Economy Workers (CTEP by its acronym in Spanish) was shot while being forced out of a locality.

These are just a few examples of police brutality which have been committed in the framework of the G-20 meeting set to happen less than a week from today.

In unrelated news, strikes in the context of the G-20 summit to be held in Argentina have led the state to cancel 371 flights.

The strike is being conducted by pilots, “Given the need to protect its passengers, Aerolineas is forced to cancel the entire operation scheduled for that day (Monday) and is reprogramming flights in the most orderly way possibly,” according to Aerolineas airline.

Pilots are striking over issues related to inadequate wages for workers.

The G-20 is an opportunity which President Mauricio Macri hopes to showcase his country’s neoliberal, market-friendly policies.

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