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Argentina: Governor Kicillof Announces a Police Wage Increase

  • Gobernor Axel Kicillof, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Sept.10, 2020.

    Gobernor Axel Kicillof, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Sept.10, 2020. | Photo: Twitter/ @infobae

Published 10 September 2020

A recently graduated police officer's wage will be US$655 and the salary of an officer working overtime will be higher than US$802.

The Governor or the Buenos Aires province Axel Kicillof Thursday announced an “Integral Security Plan” that will provide a salary increase and better working conditions to the Buenos Aires police officers.


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He explained that their minimum wage will increase from US$527 to US$589 and that their overtime payment will be tripled too.

Kicillof also announce that the budget to purchase uniforms, which was settled by President Mauricio Macri’s administration at US$15, will be increased to US$67.

"If this is about wage demands and working conditions, we are giving a strong and historic answer. Otherwise, we would understand that it is a political issue," Kicillof said, referring to the police protests registered this week.

The minimum salary of a recently graduated police officer will be US$655 per month and the salary of an officer working overtime will be higher than US$802 per month.

Given that salary increase implies an increase in exigency levels, the provincial government will implement a strategic plan for the local police to gain the professional standards used at the federal level.

To improve the training and ranking of its police force, the provincial government will inaugurate the Juan Vucetich Institute. The authorities will also open two hospitals for the exclusive attention of the local police.

On Wednesday, the Buenos Aires police surrounded the residence of Argentina's President Alberto Fernandez through demonstrations and blockades with obvious political connotations. What initially appeared as an attempt to destabilize the leftist government, however, was justified as a protest for better wages and working conditions.


Axel Kicillof
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