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Argentina: Alberto Fernández Presents a Judicial Reform Project

  • The President of Argentina, Alberto Fernández

    The President of Argentina, Alberto Fernández | Photo: AFP

Published 29 July 2020

The initiative seeks to consolidate an independent Justice, governed by the highest standards of transparency and that develops the processes with speed and efficiency, said the President.

The President of Argentina Alberto Fernández presented on Wednesday at Casa Rosada (seat of the Government) his judicial reform project, which aims to "better organize federal justice and overcome the crisis affecting the credibility and proper functioning of federal justice with criminal jurisdiction," he said.


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During his speech introducing the reform bill, Fernández stated: "It's time to put the issue of the judiciary into public debate so that we can have a better rule of law."

The reform proposed by the Government involves expanding the Supreme Court from five to nine members, fusing the 12 criminal courts with the 11 economic ones, and doubling their number. It also seeks to appoint an expert council to advise the Executive on the functioning of the system.

"We seek to overcome the fact that decision-making power is reduced to a small number of judges, who currently have the possibility of hearing and deciding most cases with institutional and media relevance," stated the Argentinean President.

About former president Macri's administration, Fernández pointed out that the last four years were marked by measures that affected the rules of fairness that should govern judicial action in a state governed by the rule of law.

He also stressed that on that period ''doctrines were used to turn pre-trial detention into a system of early sentencing, so the principle of innocence and defense in court was repeatedly violated."

The text presented on Wednesday by the President of Argentina Alberto Fernández, together with the Minister of Justice, Marcela Losardo, was entirely elaborated by the Executive and could be sent this week to Congress for analysis.

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