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  • The entrance of a food bank ran by The Trussel Fund.

    The entrance of a food bank ran by The Trussel Fund. | Photo: Reuters

Published 21 April 2015

The government claims there is not enough information to understand why more people are using food banks.

The number of people who use food banks in the United Kingdom hit a record of 1 million on Tuesday, according to numbers released by the Trussell Trust, the country's biggest charity.

“Whilst problems with benefits (welfare) remain the largest driver of food bank use, there has been an increase in numbers referred due to low incomes in the last year,” explained the organization in a press statement.

As the charity explained, it is the first time that over one million people have received emergency food stocks since the trust began operating in 2008.

It also marked a 19 percent increase in comparison with last year (2013-2014).

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The Trussell Trust food bank director, Adrian Curtis, explained the numbers only show part of the bigger issue.

“It’s difficult to be sure of the full extent of the problem (food insecurity) as Trussell Trust figures don’t include people who are helped by other food charities or those who feel too ashamed to seek help,” he explained.

Food banks provide food for people that cannot afford to buy it. The system was created in 1967 in the United States, and has expanded through Europe during the last decade as the effects of the economic crisis took hold.

Earlier this month, David Cameron's government responded to concerns regarding the increase in food bank usage, claiming not all charities took records and therefore a precise assessment could not be made.

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