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Anti-War US Politicians Must Reject Venezuelan Coup: Stein

  • U.S. Stein slams Washington’s attempt to undermine the legitimacy of the Nicolas Maduro-led government.

    U.S. Stein slams Washington’s attempt to undermine the legitimacy of the Nicolas Maduro-led government. | Photo: Reuters file

Published 2 February 2019

Stein noted that politicians fail to acknowledge that they have been the ones spearheading a global economic war to destroy Venezuela's economy.

U.S. Green Party President and former candidate in the 2016 presidential elections, Jill Stein, joins a growing number of individuals, countries and organizations across the globe that have spoken out against the United States-endorsed coup on Venezuela.

Maduro: 'I Stand Firm Defending Venezuela's Sovereignty'

“Chickenhawks like John Bolton are saying the quiet part out loud on why the ruling class should support the Venezuela coup: ‘It will make a big difference to the U.S., economically, if we could have American oil companies really invest in & produce the oil capabilities in Venezuela’."

The activist, in a series of anti-invasion tweets, offered a theory regarding the true motive behind the actions of U.S. President Donald Trump Administration towards the Bolivarian Republic while discrediting Washington’s attempt to undermine the legitimacy of the democratically elected Nicolas Maduro-led government.

Stein also added that any military interference will undoubtedly lead to chaos and bloodshed.

“For over a week Team Trump has been blatantly pushing a coup in #Venezuela, [and] it’s getting worse. Only a handful in Congress have spoken against intervention. Where are the anti-war Democrats & Republicans? We need opposition to sanctions, intervention & war NOW. Not in 5 years,” the Green Party chief stated.

Stein noted that all politicians are making comments that "socialism is destroying Venezuela's economy" but fail to acknowledge the fact that they have been the ones spearheading a global economic war to destroy the South American country.

The politician, who is also a medical professional, highlighted that Venezuela's left is responsible for the empowerment of long-oppressed Black Venezuelans, adding that the right-wing opposition - which is backed by Trump - have referred to Afro-Venezuelan politicians, like late former President Hugo Chavez, as “monkeys” and brutally repressed Black people to “send a message.”

Stein further pointed out that, by a coup standard, the United States would also require an administration change since statistics show that the margin by which Maduro was elected by the Venezuelan people surpasses Trump’s figures, which have been subjected to widescale scrutiny.

“Former President Jimmy Carter, whose Carter Center specializes in international election integrity, gave his seal of approval to #Venezuela's election in 2013 which Maduro won with 50.6%, saying ‘Venezuela probably has the most excellent voting system that I have ever known’,” Stein declared. 

The ex-presidential hopeful also charged that the intentions of Venezuela’s opposition are to be viewed with suspicion considering their refusal to offer any challenge to President Maduro in the recent elections, despite making claims of certain impropriety.      

Among the politician's multi-tweet posts, was the following introspective question: 'Millions of Americans consider the unpopular U.S. president an illegitimate authoritarian traitor. Should NATO install Nancy Pelosi as US President?'

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