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Anti-LGBTQ Policies at BYU University Under Investigation

  • BYU students protesting the recent anti-LGBTQ policies at LDS headquarters. Jan. 21,2022.

    BYU students protesting the recent anti-LGBTQ policies at LDS headquarters. Jan. 21,2022. | Photo: Twitter/@BenjaminEPark

Published 21 January 2022

The Brigham Young University (BYU) is being investigated after banning homosexual relationships under religious motives. 

Accusations of LGBTQ students' discrimination at BYU in the U.S. have brought about a federal investigation to clarify this issue. The private educational institution is sponsored by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.


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A civil-rights investigation is being held at BYU, a private research university in Utah, United States, by The U.S. Department of Education to determine whether LGBTQ students are victims of discrimination.

The probe started last October and deals with 'Title IX,' which prohibits sex-based discrimination in schools or education programs receiving funding from the federal government. The department's Office of Civil Rights (OCR) received a complaint about the school forbidding same-sex relationships, which led to an investigation, despite imposing a rule prohibiting "homosexual behavior" from its written honor code in 2020.

BYU started banning LGBTQ relationships and warned those who get involved sexually with members of the same sex would be disciplined. Several protests of students have taken place on the BYU campus, which has called the attention of federal investigators. 

Being a private religious institution, BYU enjoys some exemptions under the Title IX law, which Kevin Worthen, the BYU President, noted. He pointed out the school's protection under those exemptions and that the academic community agreed with the honor code.

Catherine Lhamon, OCR Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights, recognized the religious exemptions afforded to the school but emphasized, as well, that the department must determine whether the complaint received comes under those exemptions.

The new investigation focuses on deciding if LGBTQ students are being punished for reasons not related to education and not explicitly included in the honor code.


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