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Anonymus Website Hacked After Threatened Russia With Cyberwar

  • Killnet brought down the Anonymus'official website. Mar. 1, 2022.

    Killnet brought down the Anonymus'official website. Mar. 1, 2022. | Photo: Twitter/@AnastasiaNews

Published 1 March 2022

The Anonymous hacker collective threatened Russia with cyberwar after Moscow launched a military operation in Ukraine; their website was hacked after the announcement.

After the Russian military operation was launched in Ukrainian territory on February 24, the Anonymous hacker collective started targetting Moscow's websites, media, the military, and various government agencies last Friday.

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Killnet is a hacking group that has allegedly brought down a key website related to Anonymous, alongside the neo-Nazi Ukrainian Right Sector paramilitary group and Ukrainian President's office.

On Tuesday, according to some users who tried to access Anonymous' official website, 'anonymoushackers.net,' they met with the message "Sorry, that didn't work. Please try again or come back later. 500 Error. Internal Server Error." The hacking group added a Russian-language video address, with a shadowy hooded figure against the backdrop of a Russian flag reading out a text.

"Greetings, Russians and friendly union nations. The internet is full of fake information about the hacking of Russian banks, hacks on Russian media servers, and much more. None of this poses any danger to people. This 'information bomb' is merely text and nothing more. Do not fall for fake information on the internet. Have no doubts about your country," said the hackers. Killnet noted that "very soon this conflict will end, and we will find peace."

"Do not be afraid, Russia; no one and nothing can threaten you," said the hacking group blaming Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, the US, and its European allies for the ongoing situation in the European continent. The group suggested to Anonymus to "start restoring your site" and said it "looks very pitiful against in light of your threats against our country."

MYK Teknoloji: Russian hacker group Killnet hacked the official website of Anonymous, which makes cyberattacks on all institutions, especially the Russian Presidency website.

On Friday, Anonymous launched a "cyberwar" on Russia, urging hackers worldwide to target Russia given the military operation launched in Ukraine. The group acknowledges its credit for Russian DDoS attacks and media websites, the military, and businesses.

The attacks targeted an independent St. Petersburg-based newspaper, several business outlets, and regional media that are not too connected to federal politics or world affairs. They seem to have been uncoordinated, disorganized, and indiscriminate.

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