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Algeria-Russian Military-Technical Cooperation To Continue

  • Algerian BMPT tank

    Algerian BMPT tank

Published 20 May 2022

On Friday, Algeria's Ambassador to Russia said that the country is optimistic about the continuity of military-technical cooperation between both countries.

During a conference in Kazan, Russia, the Algerian Ambassador to the country, Smail Benamara, said that Algiers is confident in the continuity of the military-technical cooperation between the countries.

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"Relations [in the military-technical area] are long-standing and run deep," told the Ambassador to the press. "It's not just about weapons purchases, but also exercises, cooperation, data exchange. Of course, this will continue."

Ambassador Benamara commented on the new strategic partnership agreement that both countries drafted. "We are discussing a draft for strategic partnership." Adding that "the old text that's in force now dates back to 2001, meaning it's more than 20 years old."

"We are now preparing a new text <...> in order to strengthen new areas of cooperation that weren't mentioned in the previous text," said responding to journalists. According to the Algerian official, the new agreement is expected to be signed during the next visit of the Algerian president to Russia.

The comments were made during the Russia-Islamic World: KazanSummit 2022 international conference. Representatives of 63 countries and 52 Russian regions attended the event. The event started on May 19 and will be celebrated until May 21 to reinforce ties between Russia and the Islamic world.

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