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Alberto Fernandez Confirms Production of Sputnik V in Argentina

  • President Alberto Fernandez, June 4, 2021.

    President Alberto Fernandez, June 4, 2021. | Photo: Twitter/ @AgenciaTelam

Published 4 June 2021

The vaccines will be produced at the Buenos Aires-based Richmond laboratory, which can formulate and package up to 500,000 doses per week.

On Friday, Argentina's President Alberto Fernandez and his Russian counterpart President Vladimir Putin officially announced the beginning of large-scale production of the Sputnik V vaccine in this South American country. 


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The announcement follows the satisfactory quality control on the COVID-19 vaccine's components produced at the Argentinean Richmond laboratory. 

This lab can formulate and package up to 500,000 doses per week, a figure subjected to the amounts of the vaccine's active ingredient sent from Russia.

Fernandez also addressed the 2021 St. Petersburg Economic Forum where he highlighted the need for cooperation and solidarity to fight the pandemic.

The meme reads, "Argentina already received over 15 million vaccines. A new flight from Moscow arrived in Ezeiza with 470,035 Sputnik V vaccines, 390,035 of which are for component 1 and 80,000 others for component 2. There are more vaccines. We have more hope."

He advocated for restructuring the capitalist system since it has generated an income concentration that has sunk millions of people into poverty.

"It is time to understand that capitalism, as we knew it until the pandemic, has not given good results," Fernandez said.

He condemned foreign debt installments, noting that development could not be achieved with outlandish repayment rates blocking communities' growth. 

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