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Ahed Tamimi's Brother, Waed, Sentenced to 14 Months in Prison

  • Waed Tamimi during prostest in May.

    Waed Tamimi during prostest in May. | Photo: Facebook / Nariman Tamimi

Published 21 August 2018

Waed Tamimi was sentenced for throwing a rock that allegedly injured an Israeli soldier's hand.

An Israeli military court has sentenced Palestinian Waed Tamimi, Ahed Tamimi’s 21-year-old brother, to 14 months in prison and a US$2,000 fine for allegedly throwing stones at soldiers in 2016 and 2017. According to the indictment, an Israeli soldier suffered a hand injury as a result of the rock thrown by Waed.


'I Want Palestine to be Free:' Ahed Tamimi to teleSUR

Tamimi was arrested on May 10, during an overnight raid, after being accused of being implicated in terrorist acts.

On Monday he was found guilty of throwing stones at an Israeli military vehicle that had entered the town of Nabi Saleh in the occupied West Bank. The town, where the Tamimi family lives, is one of the centers of Palestinian resistance to the expansion of Israeli illegal settlements in the West Bank.

Nabi Saleh is known for the organization of weekly protests against the expansion of a nearby Jewish-only illegal settlement, Halamish, and Israel has continuously targeted the Tamimi family due to their active resistance to the occupation.

Bassem al-Tamimi, Ahed's father, has been jailed by Israeli authorities on nine separate times between 1988 and 2013, during which he was subjected to various kinds of torture.

Between December 2017 and August 2018, several members of the Tamimi family have been either injured, killed or imprisoned by Israel.

3,533 Palestinians Detained by Israel So Far in 2018

In December, 15-year-old cousin Mohammed Tamimi was shot in the head with a rubber-coated bullet. Mohammed required an "intensive surgery, where part of his skull was removed, in order to dislodge the rubber bullet," Amnesty International reported. Months later, Israeli forces arrested the Palestinian teen.  

In January 16-year-old Musaab Tamimi was shot in the neck in the nearby village of Deir Nidham. He died as a result of his wound.

In June Israeli occupation forces killed another member of the Tamimi family, 21-year-old Ezz al-Din Tamimi, who was shot at close range during an early morning raid.

Waed’s sentencing comes less than a month after his sister Ahed and mother Nariman were released after serving an eight-month prison sentence.  

Ahed was sentenced for slapping a fully-armed Israeli soldier who was standing on her property. , and the video became viral. Shortly after they were both detained by occupation forces, along with Ahed’s cousin Nour Tamimi.  

Tamimi was charged with aggravated assault, obstructing the work of soldiers, and incitement, among other charges on Jan. 2.

A spokeswoman for Waed Tamimi’s attorney Gaby Lasky criticized the sentencing, arguing it was far more severe than the punishments given to Israeli Jews for the same actions. According to The Times of Israel, last month a group of settlers clashed with Israeli forces, injuring a soldier. Some of the settlers were arrested, but they were all released with no charges.

Israeli and Palestinian human rights groups have shown this is standard practice. In the West Bank Palestinians and Israeli settlers are liable to different legal systems: a civilian legal system for Israeli citizens and a military court system for Palestinian residents.

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