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Ahed Tamimi Speaks at Greek Communist Party Event About Palestinian Resistance

  • Palestinian teenager Ahed Tamimi attends the annual festival of Greek Communist Youth in Athens.

    Palestinian teenager Ahed Tamimi attends the annual festival of Greek Communist Youth in Athens. | Photo: Reuters

Published 24 September 2018

Ahed Tamimi, the 17-year-old resistance icon deliberated on various issues plaguing her country due to illegal Israeli occupation.

Ahed Tamimi, the 17-year-old face of Palestinian resistance, spoke about Palestine and its struggle on Saturday in Greece at a press conference organized by the Communist Youth of Greece (widely known by its Greek acronym KNE).


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KNE’s Culture and Youth Creation conference saw the participation of Ahed and Palestinian Ambassador to Greece Marwan Tubasi. The young activist spoke about the struggles of Palestinians, her time in Israeli prison, international solidarity, and her hope for a free Palestine.

"The victory and freedom of Palestine will be achieved through a unified struggle by Palestinian people. International support for the cause helps us to pressure Israel and it boosts the morale of Palestinians to continue the struggle.”

Ahed was imprisoned for eight months in December for slapping two Israeli occupation soldiers who were harassing her family in the yard of their home in the Nabi Saleh village of the occupied West Bank. Ahed and her mother Nariman, had both been jailed in an Israeli prison since December 2017 before receiving a few weeks early release in late July.

Describing her experience in prison, she said, “It is very difficult to spend even a day in prison. You are constantly worried about your family. I spent most of my time reading.

“I cannot describe what was exactly going on in the prison as I was locked in a small place. I was trying not to think about it too much and always tried to interact with other girls so that I will not think about what was outside i.e. freedom.”  

The resistance icon hopes to continue her studies so that she will be able to defend herself and the Palestinian cause at an international level.


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Continuing to speak about Israeli prison, the Palestinian resistance icon said there are 6,500 political prisoners, with 350 of those young people. The prisoners turned the prison into a school where they engage in various readings and continue their struggle from within the prison walls.

Ahed Tamimi started participating in demonstrations against Israeli occupation since she was eight years old. According to her, the precarity of Palestinians due to illegal Israeli occupation led her to be politically active at such a young age. She wishes the occupation would end so that the next generation does not suffer and so children can go to school without fear. “One of us must be sacrificed so that the next generation does not suffer.”


Thanking everyone who shows solidarity for Palestine, she hoped that such actions will continue until all political prisoners are released from Israeli jails and Palestine is recognized as a free country. She also requested greater support from the international community through the dispersal of knowledge about the brutality of Israeli occupation.

The Palestinian Ambassador to Greece, Marwan Tubasi, echoed Ahed's sentiments and vowed to continue demonstrations and struggle until all political prisoners are released and Palestine is liberated. "The road to the desired end is long," according to Tubasi but the region and the people will not have security or stability until freedom is achieved. He expressed his gratitude to the Greek people for supporting the Palestinian fight against Israeli occupation.

Earlier in September, Ahed Tamimi traveled to France, where she also spoke at a festival organized by the French Communist Party and its local newspaper about Palestinian resistance, despite Israel’s attempt to obstruct her from leaving Palestine.  

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