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Aggression Against Pro-Cuba Spanish Journalist Condemned

  • Spanish filmmaker, producer, screenwriter and journalist Ana Hurtado. Jul. 1, 2022.

    Spanish filmmaker, producer, screenwriter and journalist Ana Hurtado. Jul. 1, 2022. | Photo: Twitter/@Interaudit_SA

Published 1 July 2022

"This aggression is vile and cowardly; it is inadmissible," Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel said.

On June 30, Spanish activist and filmmaker Ana Hurtado was attacked in Barcelona, Spain, by two men who violently shook her and spat on her as an act of contempt and humiliation over her activism in support of Cuba.

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"This aggression is vile and cowardly; it is inadmissible. Our blame and condemnation. Ana Hurtado, we are with you," the Cuban President said via Twitter.

On June 30, an individual, accompanied by another who was recording with his cell phone, insulted her, spat at her and shook her violently while shouting "communist shit," according to the Spanish website Cubainformación, which interviewed Hurtado.

The Federation of Associations of Cubans Resident in Spain also condemned the aggression against Hurtado. Such aggression "is baseness, cowardice and pettiness, an attitude that demonstrates the lack of arguments to debate and pure servility to right-wing and pro-imperialist interests," the federation said on Twitter.  

Assaulting a woman is despicable and worse if it is done for her communist ideas. Where is the vaunted freedom of expression and thought of the "super democratic" capitalists? The ideological struggle does exist. Cuba is with you Ana Hurtado. 

Hurtado said that she suffered another aggression in the street three weeks ago, which apparently was the first "warning. Afterward, she began to receive death threats, Spanish media reported.  

She also accused members of the Cuba ultra-right-wing based in Spain of spreading hate messages against her, inciting further aggression. 

Acknowledging that she has received death threats recently, the Spanish journalist said on social networks, "Here, I just want to make something clear: I am a communist in the networks and the street."

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