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After Nepotism Accusations, Chile's Pinera Retracts Appointment of Brother as Ambassador

  • Chilean President Sebastian Pinera.

    Chilean President Sebastian Pinera. | Photo: Reuters

Published 29 April 2018

Pinera said the decision to select his brother as the ambassador to Argentina was due to the urgent need to fill the post.

Recently sworn in Chilean President Sebastián Pinera retracted Saturday his decision to appoint his brother, Pablo Pinera, as ambassador to Argentina. The move comes after opposition parliamentarians filed an appeal challenging the legality of the appointment, according to Reuters.

Chilean Billionaire Sebastian Piñera Sworn in as President

"The appointment of the Ambassador of Chile in Argentina is urgent, however, it is not compatible with the estimated time frame outlined by the Comptroller General." Pinera said in a statement.

During a visit to Buenos Aires this week, his first trip abroad since assuming the presidency last month, Pinera also pointed out that the decision to select his brother as the ambassador was due to the urgent need to fill the post in the neighboring country.

Argentina's Comptroller's General Office also announced this week that Pablo Pinera's ambassadorship appointment in Argentina could take up to six months to confirm.

"As a result, I have met with my brother Pablo today to inform him that I have desisted from his appointment," the president said.

Pinera, a conservative politician and billionaire businessman, was sworn in as Chile's new president on the March 28 anniversary of the end of the military dicatorship led by Augusto Pinochet.

Pinera headed a coalition of right-wing parties, even though his campaign had a “center” front cover, and his male-dominated cabinet includes far-right Andres Chadwick as interior minister and Hernan Larrain as justice minister. Both supported Pinochet's regime but distanced themselves from him as their political careers progressed.

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