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Afghan Resistance Leader Calls for National Uprising vs Taliban

  • National Defense Front leader Ahmad Masud calls for a national uprising against the Taliban after claims of the fall of the province of Panjshir.

    National Defense Front leader Ahmad Masud calls for a national uprising against the Taliban after claims of the fall of the province of Panjshir. | Photo: Twitter @PolishNews1

Published 6 September 2021

Following the announcement by the Taliban about the fall of Panjshir valley, Afghan resistance leader Ahmad Masud calls for further struggle across Afghanistan.

Through an audio message shared on Facebook and Twitter, Afghan National Resistance Front leader Ahmad Masud on Monday called on all Afghans around the world for a nationwide uprising against the Taliban armed group. Masud also pointed out that the resistance forces are present in all strategic positions in the northern Panjshir Valley, the last bastion of fighting against the insurgents.


The Taliban Control Panjshir Province

“Wherever you are, both inside and outside the country, we ask you to stand up in resistance for the dignity, integrity, and freedom of our country,” stressed the son of former Afghan commander Ahmad Shah Masud, then emphasized that "the resistance is alive.”

Calling on Afghans to join the resistance in any way, shape or form possible, Masud warned that the events of these days and brutal attacks by the Taliban reflect the future of Afghanistan.

According to Masud, Afghanistan's Ulema Council on Sunday expressed its support for resolving the crisis through another round of talks between the Taliban and the resistance group. But the Taliban “revealed their true nature” and began a full-scale military offensive that has left numerous civilian casualties, including some members of Masud's family, he added.

"Contrary to their proclamations, they have proved that they do not believe in 'Sharia' (Islamic law), nor in the Koran and neither do they obey the legitimate demands of the Afghan people," the son of the lion of Panjshir stressed.

Masud also said that the international community is “completely responsible” for facilitating the Taliban takeover and criticized that it is “silently” observing the insurgents' attacks on Panjshir province.

The call for a nationwide uprising against the insurgent formation comes on the same day that the Taliban have claimed to have conquered Panjshir; however, so far, the Afghan resistance has rejected all claims that the valley has fallen into Taliban hands. Panjshir is a valley famous for being the site of resistance to Soviet forces in the 1980s and to the Taliban, who never managed to take over this area in the late 1990s.

The Taliban, which ruled Afghanistan from 1996 to 2001, has regained control of almost the entire country after it seized Kabul on August 15. They faced hardly any resistance from the U.S.-trained government forces and forced President Ashraf Qani, a Washington ally, to abandon Afghan soil.


Ahmad Masud
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