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AMLO: Mexico City Metro Accident To Be Thoroughly Investigated

  • The Mexican president said:

    The Mexican president said:"We do not hide things, we speak the truth, we do not lie, we do not steal and we do not betray the people, and every day we will be informing about this unfortunate matter." | Photo: Twitter/@thegoldenscarf

Published 4 May 2021

Mexico's President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador declared on Tuesday that a thorough investigation would be carried out into the Mexico City subway accident that occurred on Monday night, which has so far left 23 dead and 79 injured in hospitals.

"A thorough investigation will be carried out, without any kind of considerations, seeking to know the truth, what really happened," said Lopez Obrador in the morning conference at the National Palace.

The president assured "absolutely nothing will be hidden" since "the people of Mexico must know the whole truth."


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López Obrador said he supported the position of the Government of Mexico City, which moments before had announced a double expert opinion, both from the Attorney General's Office of Justice of the capital and from an international and external specialized company.

"We do not hide things, we speak the truth, we do not lie, we do not steal, and we do not betray the people, and every day we will be informing about this unfortunate matter," said the Mexican leader.

He added that, based on the two expert reports, "responsibility" will be established and asked not to "fall into the realm of speculation."

The specific work was completed on October 30, 2012, when the current Mexican Foreign Minister, Marcelo Ebrard, was mayor of the capital, then the Federal District.

López Obrador sent a "fraternal and sincere embrace" to the families of the victims.

The accident occurred after 10:00 pm. (local time) between Olivos and Tezonco stations, on line 12 of the Mexico City subway, a work that had already presented failures despite being the most modern of the system.

"We express our deepest condolences to the Mexican people and government and the families and friends of the victims."

In a video of the cameras of the surveillance system of the Government of Mexico City, it can be seen how the elevated structure broke as the train passed, which collapsed from a height of about 20 meters, and two cars of the convoy were cut in half and impacted with the ground.

The Government of the Mexican capital informed that it would request international expertise to find out the causes of the accident.

"We inform that the Attorney General's Office will carry out an investigation that began last night, but we are also looking for an international company with certification in both metro and structural matters to make an external technical expertise and be able to get to the causes of this unfortunate incident," said Tuesday the capital's mayor, Claudia Sheinbaum.

The secretary-general of the Metro Workers Union, Fernando Espino, in statements to the press, said that Line 12 is a very new work and should not have fallen down, adding that it will be necessary to see the material with which the structure was made.

According to El Universal, Espino said that a French company was in charge of maintaining the tracks of Line 12, but the failure was in the structure.

"The maintenance is given to the tracks; it is done by the French company, but what happened was in the civil works, in the structure. The people who maintain the tracks must have registered movements, irregularities. We will wait for the expert's report to see what happened," he said.

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