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AIPAC Guests Slam Netanyahu's Racism, Thinking It's Trump

  • Protesters outside Democratic presidential hopeful Donald Trump's AIPAC speech

    Protesters outside Democratic presidential hopeful Donald Trump's AIPAC speech | Photo: AFP

Published 23 March 2016

The experiment exposes the dangerous double standards of many supporters of Israel.

Rania Khalek from the Electronic Intifada talked to attendees of this year's American Israel Public Affairs Committee conference Monday, asking some of the thousands of supporters who showed up at the Verizon Center in Washington, D.C. what their thoughts were on Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump.

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Khalek read racist and homophobic statements to the interviewees, claiming they were made by Trump. Little did they know that the quotes actually came from the mouth of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other Israeli leaders.

Khalek's experiment found that most of those interviewed condemned Trump ' s comments, yet justified the statements once told they were made by Israeli leaders.

A young woman, who had only negative remarks to say about Trump, branded him “terrible” and accused him of “inciting racist attitudes" when quizzed about his supposed comments on migrants “being like cancer."

The young lady had no idea it was Israeli Culture Minister Miri Regev who made the comments, and not Trump.

Once confronted with the truth, the woman excused Regev ' s comments due to Israel being “next to Syria,” where Islamic militants purportedly represent a genuine threat to Israel.

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Regev, whose comparison was supported by 57 percent of Israeli s , apologized for her comments: to cancer survivors for comparing them to migrants, mainly Black people from the African diaspora who are systematically victimized in Israel.

In another interview, Khalek asked a male AIPAC attendee what he thought of "Trump" promising to build a wall to protect the U.S. from "wild beasts."

The man branded the comment "abusive and negative," going so far as to say he is afraid of the Republican front-runner.

But the comment was actually made by Netanyahu in early February.

Once confronted with the truth, the Israeli supporter tried to convince Khalek that Trump is incomparable to Netanyahu.

“Buses were exploding in Israel. Buses exploded! There were bombs exploding,” he said passionately. “Walls went up to keep Palestinian terrorists out because they’re killing people."

On the day, other respondents referred to Netanyahu 's racism as “psychotic,” rolled their eyes at the cancer analogy and expressed concern over his rhetoric.

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