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‘ABC of Racist Europe’: Cheeky Children's Book Exposes Europe’s Colonial Past and Present

  • The book incorporates themes of both repression and resistance.

    The book incorporates themes of both repression and resistance. | Photo: The ABC of Racist Europe

Published 13 June 2017

The children's book seeks to expose how Europe’s racist, colonial policies are still in place today.

“The same AIRPLANES that white Europeans tourists take on their vacation are used for the deportation of racialised migrants and ASYLUM seekers. During the expulsions the AUTHORITIES use a lot of violence. It’s like an APARTHEID regime in the AIRPORTS,” begins Spain-based Peruvian Daniela Ortiz’s new children's book titled “The ABC of Racist Europe.”

Europe Can No Longer Pretend to Respect Human Rights

The alphabet book seeks to expose how Europe’s racist, colonial laws are still in place today, most notably through xenophobic migrant and refugee policies.

The author’s book began as part of an exhibit at The Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art in Middlesbrough, England, which showcased in early June.

"Each letter has an imperialist message, for example, the letter K was for King … where the image shows a king imprisoning Africans, an image that today would be unacceptable,” explained Miguel Amado, curator of the museum.

“Then, from this work, Daniela Ortiz has developed a workshop where words and images were discussed and a new book, "The ABC of Racist Europe," was produced as a call for attention to the reality that we live,” he added.

While the book discusses Europe’s legacy of racism dating back to the time when much of Africa, Asia and Latin America were formally colonized, it also discusses histories of resistance against these forces.

“We will REJECT the neocolonial REGIMES! It’s time to refuse RACIST RACIST RULES! We will RESIST with RADICAL anti-RACISM!” reads the book's page dedicated to the letter R.

Ortiz’s book is available online for free.

“How can we forgive the humiliation and violence that Europe inflicted on us? The ZOMBIES of the colonial system, who have created comfort for themselves and suffering for others, deserve to be locked up in a human ZOO,” the book closes.

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