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A US-Led World War Is Already Underway, Syrian President Warns

  • Syrian President Bashar al-Asad.

    Syrian President Bashar al-Asad. | Photo: Twitter/ @ZulkiflYibril

Published 16 March 2023

Al-Asad stressed that this war is not been fought through traditional means since the existence of nuclear weapons force the U.S. to restrict it to certain territories. 

On Wednesday, Syria’s President Bashar Al-Asad stated that terrorists in his country and the Ukrainian neo-Nazi movements are waging a World War III subsidized by the U.S.


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"A World War is already underway, but it is not been fought through traditional means. Due to modern weaponry, especially nuclear weapons, this war is restricted to certain territories according to the U.S. interests,” Al-Asad told the Sputnik after a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The Syrian leader urged to create a coalition of countries to fight the U.S. hegemony, which he stressed that no nation had alone been able to stop in the last three decades.

"Russia and China can play a paramount role in this coalition,” he stressed and suggested replacing the dollar as the international currency to prevent the U.S. from continuing to lead the world economy.

"Part of what Syria, Iraq, and many other countries at war have suffered is the result of a unipolar world. If Russia wins the conflict in Ukraine, a new, safer, and more peaceful world will emerge," the Syrian President said.

Al-Asad acknowledged that some Syrians are fighting with the Russian army in Ukraine. However, he stressed that these citizens did not come there representing the Syrian government but due to their willingness.

“This initiative shows the brotherhood ties between our country and Russia, which has helped us to counteract terrorism,” Al-Asad said, urging to strengthen bilateral relations. 

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