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“A Forced Decision”, Putin Says on Victory Day

  • Russian President Vladímir Putin with high government officials on Victory Day. May. 9, 2023.

    Russian President Vladímir Putin with high government officials on Victory Day. May. 9, 2023. | Photo: Twitter/@Independent

Published 9 May 2023

“a forced decision, timely and the right one”

On Tuesday, on Moscow’s Red Square, Russia, the Russian President Vladímir Putin, gave a speech in celebration of the Victory Day, a day that commemorates the triumph over Nazi Germany in World War II. Putin spoke about the conflict in Ukraine; noted the importance of remembering the sacrifices made during World War II and honoring those who fought for victory and those who fight today.


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During his speech, Putin addressed current geopolitical issues, including tensions with the United States and the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. He reaffirmed Russia's commitment to defending its sovereignty and protecting its interests, while also calling for peaceful cooperation with other nations.

Putin described the conflict with Ukraine as “a forced decision, timely and the right one.” Stating: “NATO countries did not want to listen to us, they had different plans, and we saw it, they were planning to invade our historic lands, including Crimea… Russia had previously rejected the aggression; it was a forced decision, timely and the only right one”

Putin has also said that the Ukrainian conflict is similar to “the Great Patriotic War,” which ended in 1945 and classified its enemies as neo-Nazis.

"Against our Russia, a real war has been unleashed again. But we resist international terrorism, and we will also defend the inhabitants of Donbass and ensure our security," said Putin

Putin, who has once again denounced the "hatred" and "Russophobia" of the West against a Russia that, in his own words, wants a "peaceful future" but is ready to do whatever is necessary to "protect" the country and the inhabitants of the annexed areas in southern Ukraine.

Nevertheless, he also made note of Russia’s duty of not causing another world conflict, pointing out the terrible consequences of war.

The Russian President also praised the “bravery and heroism of the Soviet soldiers” and civilians who contributed to the war effort, and emphasized the need for unity and patriotism in modern-day Russia.

“The death of each of our soldiers and officers is a pain for all of us and an irreparable loss for family and friends,” Putin said; adding “The government will provide special support to the children of the dead and wounded comrades”

In the parade, the letter “Z” was seen on all kind of vehicles, uniforms and flyers, which according to the Ministry of Defense of Russia is as a symbol of “For Victory.” Furthermore, the usage of this symbol showed the support of the Russian people to the Russian forces involved in the Ukrainian conflict.

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