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  • Venezuelan family returning to Venezuela.

    Venezuelan family returning to Venezuela. | Photo: @jaarreaza

Published 16 April 2019

"Ninety Venezuelans returned home from Argentina thanks to the "Return to Homeland Plan," says Foreign Affairs Minister Jorge Arreaza.

At least 90 Venezuelans who were in Argentina returned home through the "Return to Homeland Plan," reported Jorge Arreaza the Minister of Foreign Affairs on Venezuela on his Twitter account.

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The group of Venezuelans took a flight from Uruguay to Venezuela after the President of Argentina Mauricio Macri denied flight permits for Venezuelans to return to their country.

Arreaza tweeted of the successful mission, "despite the negative INHUMANITY of the Argentine government, 90 people arrived under the 'Return to Homeland Plan."

The diplomatic mission of Venezuela in Uruguay worked in collaboration with the government of Uruguay. Arreaza said via Twitter, "We thank the Uruguayan government and those who made their return possible. Welcome back home!"


The "Return to Homeland Plan" was launched by the Venezuelan government in August 2018 to allow the voluntary return of citizens who emigrated and want to go back to Venezuela.

The plan has three phases: registration, logistical operation and transfer to Venezuela. The government also helps reintegrate returnees and provides social protections.

So far, at least 13,810 people have been repatriated from Latin American countries such as Chile, Ecuador, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, through different programs offered by the Venezuelan government.


Jorge Arreaza
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