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  • Building destroyed by shelling (Photo: AFP).

    Building destroyed by shelling (Photo: AFP).

Published 2 December 2014

A new agreement seeks to stop fighting around the Donetsk airport and the Luhansk region, a new breakthrough in the Ukrainian crisis.

The Ukrainian government and the rebels agreed late on Monday to stop fighting for the Donetsk airport, which has been the site of the fiercest confrontations between both parties, and in the Luhansk region.

Ukrainian General Volodymyr Askarov met with Russian General Alexandre Lentsov and representatives from the Organization for Cooperation and Security for Europe (OCSE), and agreed that both Kiev and the rebels will stop fighting for the airport.

It is not clear how long the ceasefire at the airport is supposed to last.

Another agreement was reached by both parties, to stop fighting in the Luhansk region. According to media reports, the OSCE says the deal will go into effect December 5 and heavy weapons would be withdrawn from the area by the next day.

However, Ukrainian military spokesperson Andrii Lyssenko said he did not have any information regarding the ceasefire and clarified that “the shelling continues.”

So far the conflict in Ukraine has left over 4,000 dead.

The announcement comes as fighting renewed early in November — despite the ceasefire implemented September 5 — after the rebel-held regions decided to hold local elections, opposed by Kiev and the West.

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