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76 Years Since Red Army Rid the World of Nazi Germany

  • Russian Troops march at the V-Day parade, Moscow, Russia, May 9, 2021.

    Russian Troops march at the V-Day parade, Moscow, Russia, May 9, 2021. | Photo: Twitter/ @GovernmentRF

Published 9 May 2021

On 9th May 1945, at midnight, Nazi Germany ceased to exist.

Eearlier, in Berlin, a somber general Wilhelm Keitel, head of whatever was left of the once mighty Deutsche Wehrmacht, had signed the unconditional surrender document offered to him by Soviet marshal Georgy Zhukov.

The Soviet Union carried the heaviest weight in the war against Hitler, after the German invasion of June 1941, and paid the highest price: 28 million lives and the sheer destruction of the country.

On Sunday, Russia celebrated Victory Day with the traditional military parade, which was chaired by president Vladimir Putin. The Soviet Union no longer exists, but its red flag with the sickle and hammer still heads the Great Patriotic War's remembrance.


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President Putin's speech was clear about Russia's intentions to protect itself from any kind of attack, no matter where it comes from. The message was backed by the impressive military parade where over 12.000 soldiers took part.

This was a good opportunity for Russia to show its military might. Over 190 military vehicles including World War II-era tanks and intercontinental ballistic missile launchers marched through the Red Square as 76 fighter jets and helicopters overflew it.

Putin also talked about the raising Russophobia in Europe and U.S, which dangerously remembers past days. However, the parade was clear proof of Russia is still standing and in a position to face its duties as a global power.

Parades also took part in dozens of cities across the country to celebrate the 76th anniversary of the Soviet victory over Nazi Germany in 1945.

This important day has been manipulated over the past years aiming to take merits away from the Red Army and Russia, something the president strongly condemned.

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