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  • Pro-government protesters take to the streets of Caracas, Venezuela against foreign intervention.

    Pro-government protesters take to the streets of Caracas, Venezuela against foreign intervention. | Photo: AVN

Published 28 April 2017

According to the poll, the majority of Venezuelans also disapproved of the violent tactics of guarimbas.  

The majority of Venezuelans disapprove of any foreign intervention into the country internal affairs and support dialogue between the socialist government and the opposition, while also predictably rejecting violent right-wing protesters, according to surveys from polling organization Hinterlaces.

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According to the data released by the organization, 76 percent of those surveyed disapprove of a possible international intervention which would overthrow Maduro from the presidency, and 87 percent rejected any military intervention in the country.

Amid ongoing opposition protests which have shut down large parts of Caracas — a number of which have turned violent resulting in deaths — 85 percent said that disagreed with violent protests and the tactics of violent groups known as guarimbas.

Furthermore, 83 percent said that they supported dialogue between Maduro’s socialist government and opposition politicians, who remain intent on overthrowing Maduro from office.

In an article published by political expert and Hinterlaces’ president, Oscar Scheme said that establishing dialogue was important for the stability of the Venezuelan state and the welfare of its people.

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“If there is no dialogue, there will be chaos and violence,” Scheme said, while making reference to the agency’s survey data arguing that the opposition must take into account public opinion and “listen to Venezuelans.”

Scheme also made reference to plans by the U.S. known as “Operation Freedom Venezuela,” which he said provides evidence that confirms “the ongoing implementation of an insurrectional, violent and chaotic plan to overthrow the Bolivarian government or force him (Maduro) out in the next 90 days.”

Scheme pointed out that U.S. manuals used to destabilize governments it considered as enemies included promoting international isolation, economic and psychological war, exacerbating unrest and discontent and campaigns against the government.

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