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67 Percent of the Venezuelans Are Already Vaccinated

  • Venezuelan children in vaccination center, Venezuela, Oct. 25

    Venezuelan children in vaccination center, Venezuela, Oct. 25 | Photo: Twitter/ @CaraotaDigital

Published 1 November 2021

With the support of countries such as Russia, China, and Cuba, the Bolivarian revolution has advanced in the immunization process despite the U.S. blockade. 

On Sunday, Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro announced that the Bolivarian government has already vaccinated 67 percent of the country's population and hopes to immunize 80 percent of the eligible citizens by the end of November.


Venezuela Resumes Face-To-Face Education

At least seven states have already surpassed 70 percent of vaccinated population: Tachira, Caracas, La Guaira, Miranda, Carabobo, Cojedes and Merida.

Despite the U.S. blockade, this South American nation has been able to fight against the pandemic successfully through international solidarity provided by countries such as Russia and Cuba, which have sent over 3 million and 1 million COVID-19 vaccines, respectively. In order to achieve immunization for 95 percent of its inhabitants, Venezuela also plans to produce the Cuban vaccine Abdala locally.

"Now everything depends on the Venezuelan people. We have the vaccines and every logistical condition. Children over 2 years of age can and should go to a vaccination center as soon as possible. It is every Venezuelan’s responsibility to overcome the pandemic and protect the health of their fellow countryman", Maduro said.

On Oct 25, Venezuela started the immunization of children between the ages of 2 to 12 years old. To that end, the Bolivarian administration established over 5,000 vaccination centers throughout the country. Recently it also implemented a prioritized vaccination program for school staff and teachers. As a result of the progress made against the pandemic, face-to-face classes resumed on Oct. 25.

Vice-President Delcy Rodriguez announced that authorities will relax some of the epidemiological restrictions starting in November. Outdoors activities, social gatherings, and general businesses will be allowed until the end of the year. However, authorities will continue to monitor infection rates and could suspend specific activities.

Rodriguez also shared the current statistics of the pandemic, which show that 95 percent of 407,151 COVID-19 cases have been successfully recovered, while 4,891 patients have died. There remain 11,603 active cases in the country.

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