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50 Years Since Unidad Popular & Allende Triumph in Chile

  • Salvador Allende giving a speech.

    Salvador Allende giving a speech. | Photo: Salvador Allende Foundation

Published 5 September 2020

President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, and Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza paricipated in day one of the event which honored the socialist leader.

The Communist Party of Chile marked the anniversary of the victory of Salvador Allende on September 4, 1970 with the "50 years after the victory of Popular Unity" international seminar.

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Politicians of Latin America’s left-wing, intellectuals and social and union organization leaders were among the panelists who carried a two-day discussion on the historical significance of the Allende’s victory in Chile and on his legacy.

Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro and Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza also participated in the first day of the seminar, reflecting on the imperialist aggression faced by countries of the region where socialist projects are being built.

The Venezuelan head of state, after extending a loving and fraternal greeting to the Chilean people, said that to speak of the martyred president, Salvador Allende, is “to speak of one of the most beautiful stories of a leader in his struggle for the people. Courage, integrity, authenticity for being loyal to its principles, its ideas, its humble and hard-working people.”

He defined as an "allendista awakening" the street demonstrations that the Chilean people have been leading since September 2019, demanding a constituent process to end the existing social inequalities. "Allende lives in our struggle, in our battles and in our victories," said President Maduro in his brief speech.

Foreign Minister Arreaza compared the imperial strategy applied to the Popular Unity government, before and after Allende's triumph and his three-year term, with the one imposed on Cuba before the Chilean case; to Nicaragua later and to Venezuela today. "It is the same format, the same economic pattern," he said.

The Venezuelan diplomat stressed that "just as Allende did not surrender and offered his life, neither will we in Venezuela or in Cuba ever do so."

Other participants included representatives of the Communist Parties of Italy, France, Colombia, Spain and of course, Cuba.

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