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4,564 Salvadorans Have Suffered Abuse During State Of Exception

  • Police apprehend citizens, El Salvador.

    Police apprehend citizens, El Salvador. | Photo: Twitter/ @Sextadimension3

Published 9 February 2023

"This policy exposes all citizens to judicial processes without the guarantee of due process and to abuses for which the State remains unresponsive," Cristosal denounced. 

On Wednesday, El Salvador’s Cristosal human rights organization denounced that national security forces have harassed, threatened, injured, or arbitrarily arrested at least 4,564 people during the “State of Exception,” which President Nayib Bukele implemented in March 2022 to fight gang violence.


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"The ‘State of Exception’ has become a permanent policy that exposes all people to judicial processes without the guarantee of due process and to abuses for which the State remains unresponsive," Cristosal condemned.

About 93 percent of the complaints registered by this NGO concerned imprisoned women who desperately seek solutions for themselves and their families.

“The youth also continues to be stigmatized,” Cristosal stressed, explaining that 58.8 percent of the complaints were made by people between 18 and 30 years old.

“Over 54 LGTBIQ+ people have faced police harassment, sexual violence or insults from security agents, who have imprisoned 254 citizens suffering from chronic illnesses,” Cristosal said.

The AMATE feminist organization said that it has not been possible to verify whether two prisoners suffering from IVH-AIDS and 12 people who have developed chronic illnesses after their arrest are receiving proper treatment.

Last year, El Salvador registered 496 homicides, a figure that represents a 57 percent decrease from those recorded in 2021. The 2022 figure, however, does not include the deaths of gang members in confrontations, data that previous records took into account.


Nayib Bukele
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