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  • Paper ballots will be used to verify the electronic vote on Sunday night.

    Paper ballots will be used to verify the electronic vote on Sunday night. | Photo: AVN

Published 20 May 2018

Over 20 million voters are elgible to vote in Sunday's elections in Venezuela.

International observers monitoring the Venezuelan elections said Sunday that the vote took place without any incidents, in an atmosphere full exercise of civic duty.

"100 percent of the electoral poll stations are open, we've asked witnesses from various political parties and they have all emphasized that the elections occurred with normality,” Carlos Lopez, one of the 150 international observers who came to the country in order to guarantee the transparency and legitimacy of the process, said before stations began to close at 5:00 p.m. local time.

Among them was former Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa, who declared “we came here in order to accompany a celebration of democracy.” meanwhile Spain's former President Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero also supervised the elections, saying everything was normal and that it was necessary to wait and see how it will develop.

Member of the European Parliament Javier Couso stressed Venezuelans' sense of civic duty, while slamming Europe over refusing to respect their right to decide the fate of their country via the elections.

“(Venezuela) is a complete exception which offends not only the defenders of democracy but also the Venezuelan people —who is only demanding the right to decide through direct vote and chose between all the options,” said Couso.

The head of the Electoral National Council of Venezuela, Tibisay Lucena said that all international observers confirmed that “fraud was not possible in the Venezuelan electoral system.”

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