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Venezuela: 14,400 Candidates Will Run in Parliamentary Elections

  • President Nicolas Maduro speaking on Sunday, September 6, 2020.

    President Nicolas Maduro speaking on Sunday, September 6, 2020. | Photo: Prensa Presidencial

Published 6 September 2020

President Nicolas Maduro swore in eight new ministers as outgoing ministers prepare to run in the December 6th elections.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has sworn in eight new ministers, six of whom are women.


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During a session with the Presidential Commission for the Control and Prevention of COVID-19, the Head of State recognized the work of the eight outgoing ministers who will be participating in the electoral arena, in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

Likewise, he acknowledged the announcement of the President of the National Electoral Council Indira Alfonzo, who said that more than 14,400 candidates will participate in the December 6th elections, including numerous opposition parties and forces of the Revolution which have registered their nominations.

“Starting today, 12 decisive, historic weeks begin for political change in Venezuela, for the renewal of the National Assembly, as President of the Republic, I will strictly comply with the mandates of the CNE, the established norms and the signed guarantees (…) there are a people determined to vote and you will see it on December 6," he said.

He called for Venezuelans to vote for their option, with conscience: "In Venezuela the people decide, in Venezuela the people rule, Donald Trump does not decide, nor Ivan Duque, nor Bolsonaro, Guaido does not decide, in Venezuela the people decide."

Within the opposition candidates are figures from the political bloc of Accion Democratica, Copei, Henry Falcon's Progressive Alliance and the political movement of Javier Bertucci. Both Falcon and Bertucci ran as candidates in the 2018 presidential election, coming in second and third to President Maduro.

Luis Parra, current president of the National Assembly, presented his candidacy in the December 6th elections, along with a group of opposition leaders of Voluntad Popular, Primero Venezuela, Venezuela Unida.

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